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MEMPRO Ltd. (in the UK) is  based on years of fundamental research and process development in the production of ceramic nanofibres, particularly nanofibres embedded with metal particles that are catalytically active. This R&D (estimated to be worth about £2m) has been transferred by founder John Finley into MEMPRO Ltd. as the foundation for manufacturing catalytic filters.

 Ceramic nanofibres hold promise in a wide array of markets, including:

  • Catalytic processes, including exhaust treatment
  • Composites
  • Energy storage & batteries
  • Advanced filtration
  • Biomedical products
  • New products

MEMPRO Ltd. plan to initially address small engine opportunities in the Environmental Emissions Control sector, estimated to be a £12bn global market. In total the markets listed above represent £172bn in annual turnover.


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